📆 It all started because all four of us signed up for the course at SEAMEO RECSAM in 1996. Though we attended different courses, being the few Singaporeans in the foreign land had strengthened our bonds.

It's a celebration of 20 years of friendship. Cheers! 🎉 🎉 🎉

🥢 🍴 🍚 🍜 🍲 🍟 🍞 Makan

@ Food Mall, 1st Avenue Mall Penang George Town

We made do with these 2 stalls at the food mall. These stalls were basically managed by young chaps. The food here became the baseline of what we ate throughout the trip.

We had the char koay teow...

... and prawn noodle & clay pot rice

@ Bee Hong Coffeeshop, along Jalan Magazine

Actually this stall of 'siew pow' is not the local pastry. However, they were tasty.
Each of us ended up packing some of these home on the last day of the trip.

We had a quick lunch here before departing for airport on Day 4. The prawn noodle and lor mee were passable.

Near the jetty area 

Coconut at RM 5 per piece - a saviour to the hot weather!

This shop doubled up as a bicycle rental shop, too, where the shop owner also briefed enthusiastic cyclists the route to take.

Along Penang Road...

This is the famous chendol stall with long queue...

The stall owner actually filled up the bowl with the various ingredients in a very mechanical way... well, it's the same action over and over again...

Here's the chendol that everybody's queuing up for... it's nice - it came with thick coconut flavour with, I thought, only 2 or 3 ingredients. Other than this, I could not quite tell the difference between this and what I ate in Singapore. Hm....

The same store that we had our laksa 20 years ago... like that strong assam flavour. Oh yes, it's sour!

The popiah with no turnip! Its main ingredient was touhu.

Hawker food @ Jalan Presgrave

It's actually pretty interesting to see the action in the production chain - from order to the final product 😅  Very systematic 😁

Prawn noodles - one with roasted pork and the other with pork ribs

Wanton noodles with one wanton only... but overall, the noodles' tasty :)

Same way of preparing the fried oysters, except replacing it with two types of mushrooms.

Here's the fried oyster...

and the fried touhu

Hot and steamy baos.... the 'skin' of the baos were soft, though it would be better if there are more stuff inside the bao.

@ George Town

Something that we could not resist in the hot weather...

We back-tracked to this cafe that advertised 阿贤's visit (阿贤人情味槟城). We took a closer look and noticed that it was also awarded 4 stars by the TripAdvisor! It looked like it's a family business where the husband cooked laksa (at the entrance, like those "live" station) while the wife cooked other dishes like the fried rice, and the son attended to the beverages.

We also passed by this shop where its 梅菜肉包was so tasty that all of us packed some home the next day. Thanks to YL's determination to find another branch that was nearer to the hotel (along Jalan Penang).

@ Red Garden Food Paradise